The site says that Google Play Music is no longer available and leads users to transfer or download their music libraries.


  • Google Play Music has begun shutting down for some users
  • The site and app gives users options to download or transfer their data
  • YouTube Music is rolling out new features for Android Auto

Google Play Music has shut down for several users. The music streaming service’s site, and in some cases Android app too, says that “Google Play Music is no longer available”, and recommends that users transfer their music to YouTube Music, or download/ delete their data. While the app on phones is still working for some users (including us), reports say that this too has started shutting down for some users. YouTube Music, meanwhile, is getting a few upgrades on Android Auto, including increasing functionality for free users.

Google Play Music on Web is no longer available, and the site explicitly says so. It adds that users can transfer their account and library, including playlists and uploads, within a certain period of time. It has easy transfer process, with a ‘Transfer to YouTube Music’ button right in the centre of the page. On clicking this, you will automatically be led to a page where you music transfer process can begin, if your account is linked.

The page also has options for users wanting to download or delete their music. Users can choose to export their music library, delete their recommendation history, or delete their entire music library. If you do not delete it, Google says that the music and data will automatically be deleted once the shutdown of Google Play Music is complete.